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SmartAG Systems are the experts in understanding agricultural machinery and equipment. We’ve been working closely with manufacturers and farmers for over 40 years to develop and deliver technology that answers day-to-day and industry-wide needs and creates real-time efficiencies in the field. Our technologies are constantly evolving with across Asia-Pacific, European, and Latin American regions with regular updates in the field.

SmartAG Systems’ team of business development managers and engineers consult and design advanced, user-centric monitors and controllers. Each product is easy to use and streamline with customisable displays and functionality to conquer even the harshest farming conditions. Our team have been involved in multiple industry-leading advancements and welcome new projects that look to improve Agritech.

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Connectivity: Our Overarching Theme at SmartAG Systems

SmartAG Systems is committed to addressing one of the most persistent challenges in precision agriculture: the lack of interoperability between […]

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Neville Battistuzzi’s Success with the Jackal and StocksAG Rotor Meter AIRFORCE

Neville Battistuzzi, a contractor from Northern Rivers, New South Wales, was struggling to meet client demands, with shorter operating periods […]

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The Jackal, our mid-range control box for Stocks AG Applicators

Stocks AGĀ are now offering our new mid-range Jackal controller as an option on their range of pneumatic precision and spinning […]

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