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We deliver smart, reliable monitors and controllers for OEMs to help farmers yield more with less

SmartAG Systems is a third-generation company that offers the best of the best. Since evolving out of the Farmscan company (1976), and later FarmscanAG (2010), SmartAG Systems now offers a more refined solution to the Agriculture industry. From economical low end solutions to developing technology for autonomous vehicles, we offer the control solution for most agricultural needs.

Being Australian and having strong ties to the farming community means customer feedback directly defines the quality and content of our products. It ensures SmartAG Systems is perfectly suited to Australian and international farming needs. We pride ourselves on understanding farming needs across your complete range of spraying, spreading, planting, and harvesting machinery. 

SmartAG Systems’s range of products map, monitor and control to help farmers become among the world’s most efficient producers. Our team’s work is recognised around the world by manufacturers and farmers alike, with successful operations spanning across Australia, United Kingdom and Europe, New Zealand, North America, South America, China, and South Africa.


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Learn about our products

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