How Australian farmers are benefitting from the StocksAG range of applicators and seeders.

Late last year, SmartAG Systems were successful in acquiring the exclusive Australian supplier status for the UK-built StocksAG range of applicators and seeders. With this versatile range of equipment now available on Australian soil, in this blog, we look at just how Aussie farmers are benefiting from the StocksAG range.

Compatibility with controllers for improved functionality and precision

As is the case with most industries, computer systems and emerging technology have become increasingly prominent in agriculture machinery. As mentioned in our recent blog, ‘Farming trends and innovations we are excited for in 2023’, research points to the autonomous farming equipment industry reaching an estimated $155 billion by 2028 – more than doubling its size from 2020.

So how does this growth in technology relate to StocksAG’s range of applicators and seeders?

Starting as a simple broadcast seeder in the mid-1970s and a small hopper seeder in the early 2000s, the StocksAG range has continued to evolve to meet the demands of the time. Now, in the 2020s, development has focused on the industry-wide demand for technological solutions to increase levels of precision and control. StocksAG products, such as the Fan Jet Pro Plus, Rotor Meter, Turbo Jet, and the Micro and Maxi Meter applicators are all compatible with our Jackal control system. The Jackal is a highly adaptable control system that provides farmers with complete control of their seeders and applicators. Its primary function is to automatically maintain a pre-set target application rate as the forward speed varies (using its own GPS sensor), with on-the-move adjustment of the rate as required. Constant comparison and the balancing of forward speed versus feed-motor speed, coupled with variable spinner speed control, the Jackal is an extremely effective tool when used in conjunction with the StocksAG range to ensure an accurate and reliable seeding rate and correct spread pattern is achieved.

Tractor with the StocksAg Fan Jet Pro applicator

When speaking with SmartAG Systems’ Founder and CEO, John Chalmers about the StocksAG range, John emphasised the rarity of incompatibility…

“It’s really rare that we come across an application that the StocksAG equipment can’t handle. In the odd chance the application is too large and can’t be handled by the StocksAG range, we simply direct the farmer to one of our OEMs that traditionally use either our 7000 Series, Jackal, or ISOBUS range of controllers.”

Allowing Aussie farmers to do what they do best: innovate

This extract from an article published by The Australian Farmer perfectly encapsulates Australia’s long tradition of innovation in agriculture. 

“Agriculture in Australia has to be innovative to survive. Australia’s farms are today amongst the most productive in the world, largely as a result of a willingness – often born of necessity – to do things a different way.”

At SmartAG Systems, we have found that this holds true in relation to the use of the StocksAG range of applicators and seeders. In fact, there is a large contingent of Aussie farmers who are looking to add a simple applicator to an existing self-propelled sprayer or unused implement just sitting in their shed. This innovation can vary from a farmer wanting to spread snail or slug bait from a self-propelled sprayer to a farmer wanting to renovate a ripper or cultivator and apply seed direct from the implement. The StocksAG range allows for this flexibility of use by enabling direct seed application up to 12m and spread widths for spinning applicators up to 24m per unit.

Interested in integrating a StocksAG applicator or seeder into your farming set-up?

No matter your requirement, we’re here to help you achieve real-time efficiencies in the field. Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team to find out more.

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