At Smart AG Systems, we are proud of the ISOBUS solution that our engineers have developed to incorporate functionality and ease of use versus our competitors.

What is ISOBUS?

The ISOBUS protocol results from an agreement between the leading agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers to solve or reduce compatibility problems by standardising communication among different implements, regardless of the manufacturer. 

ISOBUS is a standard protocol that allows farmers to manage the communication between major manufacturers’ tractors, software, and equipment. 

A single control console in a tractor can use a universal language to communicate between all equipment, for example, a tractor, spreader and applicator. 

ISOBUS allows farmers to choose the best machine for the job without fear of communication incompatibility, and only one screen is required to control your selected equipment!

Is ISOBUS too good to be true?

Few things in this world are perfect, and that includes ISOBUS.

Here are the challenges for the Australian/UK industry:

  • All solutions look different on different screens. 
  • Early screens do not support current ISOBUS software
  • Non-Conformity -inferior product suppliers’ may not conform to requirements, and incompatibility issues result
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ISOBUS for Seeders & Planters 


  • Up to 4 bins or tanks
  • Choose solids or liquids OR a combination
  • Full rate control
  • Full Task Control functionality
  • Full Variable Rate Mapping functionality
  • ICON driven menus
  • Add your Load Cells and get live readings.
  • Calibrate with high accuracy ‘on the run’ (needs load cells)
  • Easy software uploads – without the need for a dedicated terminal.

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