Micro & Maxi-Meter Applicators


The Micro-Meter is a modular machine, built up in metre lengths as required and used to accurately meter and distribute small seeds and micro granules, and is available with either Vari-Speed or Jackal controls, plus option of tractor ISOBUS.

For more details on the range, download the brochure.

StocksAg Micro-Meter
StocksAg Maxi Meter

The Maxi-Meter is essentially a larger version of the Micro-Meter, and is usually used for accurate higher rate fertiliser placement and medium to large seed sowing. Typically integrated into smaller, rigid, non-folding equipment and planters to meter and distribute full size prilled or trace element fertiliser for placement when sowing OSR using a cultivator, or a maize drill, etc. The fertiliser is placed exactly where required, reducing costs, and contamination of water at field margins and focuses nutrients whilst aiding compliance of NVZ regulations.

For more details on the range, download the brochure.

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