New Product: Introducing the 7000 PLUS

SmartAG Systems | Introducing the new 7000 PLUS

SmartAG Systems are excited to introduce the latest addition to the 7000 series of Seeders, Spreaders, and Sprayer Controllers – the new 7000 PLUS model.

Familiar Features + The Latest Improvements

The 7000 PLUS model brings the same comprehensive, customisable, and user-friendly features as its predecessors, with various enhancements and technological upgrades.

Improvements include:

  • A much larger and clearer 7” touch screen with 1024 x 600 resolution
  • Improved daylight readability with a bright 750 NIT display unit
  • Easy retrofitting with built-in RAM mount support
  • USB connectivity & built-in WiFi
  • Increased weatherproof effectiveness to IP65
  • Remote access capabilities

Future Upgrades

We are also thrilled to announce that a Full Sectional Auto Boom Switching feature will be added to the next planned release in November 2022, making the 7000 PLUS one of the most cost-effective products available on the market.

More Information

Want to learn more about the new 7000 PLUS model? Speak with our friendly team today on (07) 3557 5694 or email us at to enquire about this product and to organise a test run.

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