Neville Battistuzzi’s Success with the Jackal and StocksAG Rotor Meter AIRFORCE

Neville Battistuzzi, a contractor from Northern Rivers, New South Wales, was struggling to meet client demands, with shorter operating periods and harsher environmental conditions, Neville needed to streamline his operation. Problems like pasture dieback and weeds were all too common in the hilly terrain and required frequent reseeding with a combination of grasses and legumes.

Looking for a better way to handle these issues, Neville looked to Precision Ag, utilising the Smart AG Systems Jackal combined with the StocksAG Rotor Meter AIRFORCE. Neville needed a “One Pass” solution that could handle the hilly and rocky terrain in one go. With a little assistance from a local engineering shop, the Rotor Meter was combined with a coil tine ripper and sprint tine harrows to make a compact system perfect for his business, “Instead of having to do ripping, seeding, and harrowing separately, I can get it all done in one go. This is a huge time saver!”

Installing the Jackal was simple and easy, the Rotor Meter AIRFORCE performed well, with its calibration, application rate and seed distribution being spot on. Neil likes how the Jackal works, “especially how it doesn’t need you to keep a constant speed, which can be a pain on uneven ground.”

Utilising a true variable rate system, Neville has drastically shortened operating time in the field and significantly improved the accuracy overall, providing a better service for his clients. Neville plans to discuss his experiences and success at upcoming field days with other farmers and contractors.    

Neville’s advice to other farmers is to consider how well equipment suits their specific needs, especially if their terrain is challenging. He believes that technology like the Jackal combined with a StocksAG Rotor Meter AIRFORCE is essential to.  Improve accuracy and efficiency on farm in the long run.

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