Rotor Meter Applicator Range

Rotor Meter

The Rotor Meter is a versatile metered applicator that can be mounted onto various host implements, and is frequently used on seed drills to feed granules into an existing pneumatic distribution circuit. The Rotor Meter is available with up to three gravity fed outlets, and is used to accurately and safely meter micro, full size granular material, and small seeds in controlled placement applications in agricultural and horticultural situations. It is available with Vari-Speed, Jackal, ISO controls or ask us about incorporating it into your existing control system.

For more details on the range, download the brochure.

StocksAg Rotor Meter Applicator
Rotor Meter AIR FORCE

This is a standard Rotor Meter with an additional 12v electric fan fitted to give pneumatic delivery of the product (rather than gravity flow) up to several metres away. It has all the same functionality of the standard Rotor Meter and is available with Vari-Speed, Jackal  or ISO controls, and with 1, 2 or 3 outlets. The outlet pipes can be split into 2 using a “Y” connector giving 2, 4 or 6 outlets as a maximum.

For more details on the range, download the brochure.

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