SmartAG Systems launch as new company in Agriculture industry

SmartAG Systems is a third-generation precision agriculture company helping OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] shape how farmers do more with less.

SmartAG Systems have launched as a new company as of July 1st, 2019 to the global Agricultural industry, having been a core part of FarmscanAG Pty Ltd for over 40 years.

Commenting on the announcement is John Chalmers, Founder and CEO of SmartAG Systems: “We are thrilled to announce SmartAG Systems is now open for business.

“We have a clear vision, and that is making precision agriculture technology and efficiency more accessible in the industry from OEMs to their farmers and operators.

“Efficiency is vital for the agricultural industry to yield the most every season with their farming machinery, and it’s something we can now work towards full steam ahead as SmartAG Systems,” said Chalmers.

FarmscanAG Pty Ltd was founded in Queensland in 1976, and had developed, acquired and employed industry leading technologies from the Toowoomba head office.

“Myself and the team maintain a great relationship with the FarmscanAG companies, and will continue to support each other’s goals going forward with each of our company’s objectives in mind,” said Chalmers.

“We have been changing the face of precision agriculture since the ’70s through various agritech features, operations and approaches. To get to where we are now in 2019, where each approach now has its own dedicated company and team of experts, is a fantastic milestone in the now SmartAG Systems journey.”

Being Australian and having strong ties to the farming community means customer feedback directly defines the quality and content of SmartAG Systems products. It ensures SmartAG Systems products are perfectly suited to Australian and international farming needs year round.

Their products are used by agribusinesses worldwide to enhance productivity, and reduce waste and the over-application of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers.

The SmartAG Systems range include industry favourites the Jackal and 7000 Series, which help steer, map, monitor and control spraying, spreading, planting, and harvesting machinery.

SmartAG Systems’ developers are specialised in the agriculture industry, recognised around the world by manufacturers and farmers alike.

The company has successful operations spanning across Australia, United Kingdom and Europe, New Zealand, North America, South America, China, and South Africa.

As part of the changes, the FarmscanAG United Kingdom division will come under the control of SmartAG Systems but will retain its name in the European market for continuity.

SmartAG Systems head office is located at Shop 6, 451 Fairfield Road, Yeronga Queensland 4104, Australia. Get in touch with the team via their website, via email at or call the team directly at (07) 3557 5694.

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