SmartAG Systems at Plugfest 2022, Bologna, Italy

Plugfest 2022 attendees testing their equipment at various stations throughout the room

Moving into the ISOBUS space can be daunting, fraught with compatibility promises that often leave people scratching their heads and thinking, ‘but what if it doesn’t work for me?’

The recent Plugfest 2022 event in Bologna, Italy, was designed to help alleviate this concern. The Plugfest event is held by the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation), a European body responsible for providing access to certification of ISOBUS systems across Europe. This certification can be viewed as providing another level of protection to consumers purchasing ISOBUS products.

The Bologna Plugfest saw manufacturers of ISOBUS terminals, ECUs, and Joysticks meet to collaborate and test all things ISOBUS. At SmartAG Systems, we were excited to get our new ISOBUS Solution in front of manufacturers for live feedback on its performance compared to other flagship products.  

Plugfest: the ‘speed-dating’ event for the ISOBUS industry

Plugfest is comparable to hotdesking or speed dating, providing a short window of opportunity to engage with each manufacturer to test your equipment. The SmartAG Systems ISOBUS Solution was tested across 47 other desks to improve its compatibility, quality, and speed. 

Each station allowed several ISOBUS features to be set up for testing and inspection. This included setting up the physical properties, such as display size and responsiveness. Other specific precision-agriculture features were also tested, including GPS mapping, section control, variable rate, and job recording. 

With 330 engineers present for the entire week, everyone had the same goal – to get their ISOBUS working. This mindset is a key reason this event works; there is no finger-pointing, just like-minded people trying to problem-solve.

Farmscan AG’s CEO, Callum Chalmers at AEF’s Plugfest 2022

Testing for success: excellent feedback for our ISOBUS Solution 

As our first Plugfest, and with the launch of the ISOBUS Solution, the event provided invaluable feedback for us to provide our customers with the full range of features and compatibility they expect. While there are over 200 companies and institutions that are AEF members, it is particularly encouraging to see the likes of John Deere, CLASS, and Fendt on board.

Testing with these manufacturers independently would involve thousands of miles of travel and countless hours to provide the same benefit as Plugfest. As a debut product, our ISOBUS Solution performed well and achieved excellent results across the board.  

We aim to give our customers confidence in our ISOBUS Solution and provide a simple transition from the existing 7000 and 7000PLUS systems. Compatibility is a responsibility for all manufacturers in the ISOBUS industry, and Plugfest offers the unique opportunity of solving issues before they reach the hands of an unsuspecting farmer.

Our ISOBUS Solution being tested on a John Deere monitor at Plugfest 2022

Want to learn more about our ISOBUS Solution?

Get to know the key features and benefits of our ISOBUS Solution in our recent blog here or speak directly with our team via the Contact page.

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