Wireless Connection Module (WCM) Reference Guide

Basic Use Guide

The Wireless Connection Module has been designed to provide a wireless interface to any 7000 series or ISOBUS series of products sold by the Companies.

It is primarily used for a remote calibration functionality using any WiFi equipped Phone or Tablet.

Connection and operation of the WCM can be achieved in two easy steps.

1. Connect the WCM WiFi to the phone or tablet.

2. Log onto the fixed IP ( address and start to use the product.

View detailed description below. This information can also be obtained by scanning the QR code on the SIDE of the WCM.



Detailed Description

Step 1

1. Go SETTINGS on your device and select WiFi

2. Search for a WiFI connection like WCM xxxx-xxxx (where X is the serial number)

3. Connect to the WCM using the Password 12345678

Note #1– There is no internet connection via the WCM, and you may be advised of this when connecting. Proceed, as this is normal.

Note #2 If you select RECONNECT AUTOMATICALLY, the WCM will connect whenever you are in range. As the WCM is not connected to the internet, you may lose Internet Connection when the WCM is connected.

 Step 2

1. We recommend that you set the 7000 or ISO screen to the HOME screen and ensure that it is in HOLD (not RUN) state.

2. Use your Camera or QR code scanner to scan the QR code on the FRONT of the WCM.

3. This will automatically take you to a page with the address

If you don’t have a QR code scanner, simply type into your browser search bar and select ENTER.

The calibrate screen will appear and you can proceed to calibrate the product as normal.

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