The Jackal, our mid-range control box for Stocks AG Applicators

Stocks AG are now offering our new mid-range Jackal controller as an option on their range of pneumatic precision and spinning disc applicators.

Stocks AG have chosen the JACKAL because of its versatility in all conditions and is brought up to date annually with new and innovative software.

With key-pad menu navigation, the Jackal is an easy to operate, robust, compact unit that provides users with a whole raft of functionality. Critically its ability to process either a radar or gearbox speed signal from the tractor’s seven-pin ISO socket means it can deliver forward speed-related rate control. It can also be supplied with a GPS receiver for this purpose. 

The large easily read characters on the backlit LCD screen provide real-time read-outs of application rates, forward speed, area worked, fan status and hopper level. Programmable ‘Hotkeys’ allow the operator to switch between two pre-set application rates as well as enabling on-the-move rate adjustment. 

The addition of an implement cut-out switch can bring further levels of automation, shutting off the flow of material as the machine is lifted at the headland and then reinstating metering system drive once it is lowered back into work. 

Slotting in between the base-specification VS-2 control box and the top-end colour touchscreen i-CON, the addition of the Jackal provides purchasers of Stocks’ Turbo Jet,Rotor Meter, Fan Jet Pro, Maxi Meter and Micro Meter applicators with three cost options and three different levels of functionality. 

While the toggle-switch and dial-operated entry-level VS-2 offers manual rate control adjustment and certain preset options, the mid-range Jackal now provides real-time machine status monitoring and speed-related rate control. Meanwhile the top-spec i-CON delivers touchscreen functionality with the facility to handle variable application rates via maps uploaded by USB or SD card. 

The Jackal box makes calibration of any applicator much simpler than the VS-2. At the touch of a button, it prompts the metering unit to dispense a given amount of product. With that weighed, the computer will make adjustments to metering roller speed to ensure the most precise application rates.

Moving to this ultra-accurate system means it is now possible to meter out product at incredibly low rates down to below 1kg/ha – particularly useful when spreading granular products such as Avadex or when sowing hybrid brassicas such as OSR.

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